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Get to Know Us

Who are we?

Ally LaRose and Chelsea Kaczmarek, owners and founders of Diamond in the Ruff Dog Groomers, and staff.

Why us?

Ally and Chelsea are highly skilled, patient and gentle, award-winning dog groomers. Business partners and best friends - the vibes are always friendly! Both ladies have spent years in the industry perfecting their craft, and share a calm, level-headed approach to grooming. Both are confident at work and provide an exceptional technique to dog-handling, even on most anxious or aggressive dogs. Most importantly, these ladies specialize in CUTE! Your dogs will never look or smell better. 

Working with us is an incredibly talented team who share the same love for animals, skill and attention to detail. You will always be in good hands at Diamond in the Ruff, no matter who your service is booked with.

How is our shop different?

There is a special focus on quick and reliable care at Diamond in the Ruff. The average groom will only take 1-2 hours (dependent on dog size, coat condition, etc.) and we book by appointment only. This ensures that your groomer is spending one-on-one time with your pup, and they get to go straight back home to you even sooner. We are crate-free, giving the dogs freedom to wander around, socialize, or just chill on the big pink couch! 

Our promise?

To always take the most exceptional care. Your dogs will always be safe, supervised and comfortable from the moment they step through the door, right up until they step out upon completion. 

Measures will be taken to keep the store clean, sanitary, and fresh at all times.

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